CEO is structured like a business, with departments like marketing, finance, communications, technology, and operations. Our members choose which department they’d like to be a part of, and apply the skills they have in a work-like setting. We use apps, such as Slack and Trello, that are used by successful businesses to communicate and manage projects.

Our events and workshops will prepare you for whatever stage of creating your business you are in. Whether it’s learning the basics of starting a business, or getting ready to pitch to investors, CEO can help!


CEO is a catalyst for students to build relationships with peers, faculty, and professionals. Our members have the unique opportunity to easily collaborate with creative and innovative students from various academic disciplines, gather valuable feedback from our diverse Board of Advisors, and garner professional mentors from our Braintrust Nexus (coming soon)!

If you’re looking for business partners, people who will help you get closer to your goals, or just want to surround yourself with top-notch friends, this is the organization for you!


The Incubator is where we host three SBDC workshops per semester and the “Big Idea Group” (BIG) Think Tank. It is a multi-organization brainstorming event — a campus first! ¬†These events are RSVP, so head over to our “Events” page to secure a spot.


All members of CEO have access to our Incubator space where members network (no social media scrolling), collaborate, do homework, and build their businesses!  Everything goes down here, so get involved, build points, and become eligible for ID card access to the room Рyou know you want it!